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Feather your nest with our farmhouse style wall decor, pillows, rugs, clocks and all the little doohickey's that make a house a home.


There is everything from chicken signs and chicken pillows, to basically anything you can put a farm animal on "lamps, pillows, towels, signs".


The clocks we carry are funky and different and can be very specific to a certain someone in your life for example, sewing machine clock, golf cart clock, kitchen utensil clock , vintage mixer


clock , camper clock, cow clock , airplane clock , owl clock, frying pan clock, chicken clock, coffee clock, cat clock , fish clock, farm clock, frog clock, barn clock, and mermaid clock.


"Just to name a few" ha.


Our containers are so perfect for and farmhouse or country retreat.  Wall mount metal containers some black and white others rustic galvanized.  We have tabletop containers and


others just for decorative purposes or multi purpose ones.


Do-dads are everything from buisness card holders, candle rings, hooks, notepads, knobs, trays, figurines, office nick nackes, pictures frames, and reproduction items.


Lighting contains southern style nightlights, tabletop lamps, pendant lamps, ceiling light fixtures, plug in hanging lights, candles, and candle holders.