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The Garden and Pets



The garden department carries a variety of  garden decor and  some floral.


Garden decor consists of bridhouses, birdfeeders, hooks, faucet tub planters, wall mount planters, whirly gigs, books that have to do with


all things animal care and gardening, fountains, and statues.



The floral section is filled with picks, garland, and wreaths.  There are cotton , lavender, eucalyptus, wildflower,succulents,  and fern to


just name a few of our varieties.  



This is the category for all of the fur lovers out there.  The dog and cat enthusiast will love the dog signs, cat signs, cat


hooks & dog hooks, dog & cat statues, kitchen towels, coffee mugs, compact doggy mirrors, pet charms that would look


great on dog & cat collors,