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Bells and Whistles:

Bells and Whistles has southern saying hats for guys and gals with great sayings such as "bless your heart", "happy camper", "mama bear", "kiss my


grits".  This sections also carries keychains, scarves, compact mirrors, makeup bags, and eyeglass cases.



Fellers contains commical boxers with funny sayings such as "lazy ass", "bear Bum", "Buttquack", "Does these shorts make my bass look big", and "who


cut the cheese".  We also carry southern style t-shirts for the guys, socks and more baseball hats.



The Ladies offers alot of different styles of tunic, moto leggins, jackets, light weight coats, shaws, pullovers, button downs, vest , and t-shirts.  Our Pj's


are not only commical but extremly comfortable, "they are now the only pj's several of our customers will only wear, mom included."


Purses and Wallets:

One of my favorite departments!!!  We carry all different kinds of bags including, messenger style, crosssbody, small tote, large tote, crossbody wallet,


overnight bags, and weekender bags.  Alot of our bags are made out of real cowhide, leather and canvas that has been upcyled from the military.