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10 Charming General Stores in Tennessee That Will Make You Yearn For Yesteryear

Here in the South, life is all about family, faith and food. There are tons of family-owned businesses, and being a farmer is a common way of living.

For many families, owning a business is a source of income, and oftentimes these businesses are passed down from generation to generation. General stores are a very popular choice for family-owned businesses.

With all of the culture that Tennessee has to offer, it should come as no surprise that the state has many different general stores in cities big and small.

Next time you’re looking for some souvenirs, Tennessee treats or other country style trinkets, check out what these general stores have to offer!

10. Forbus General Store

Forbus General Store
Big South Fork Country

The Forbus General Store has been around since 1892 and still stands today. It sells American made crafts, tourist items, wicker baskets and more. It also hosts a card game known as the “Pig Tournament.”

It once had a blacksmith shop and a gas-powered gristmill. The Forbus post office even operated out of the store until 1965. This is the epitome of the Southern lifestyle.

9. Sutton General Store

Sutton General Store
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It made Country Living Magazine‘s list of “America’s 20 Most Charming General Stores,” and it’s easy to understand why. The two-story shop still has original fixtures inside (it was built in 1880), as well as a stage for bluegrass musicians to perform, and a country restaurant.

The store actually closed for 30 years, but was re-opened in 2000 by Harold & Beverly Sutton. In 2007, it was then donated to the Granville Museum.

8. Cahoots – Two Gals General Store

Cahoots General Store
Facebook / Cahoots – Two Gals General Store

For traditional products with a modern twist, head over to Cahoots – Two Gals General Store in Crossville. The shop sells gifts and accessories for Southerners and those visiting from out of town.The outside of the store has a contemporary design, but inside you’ll feel that Southern charm and hospitality. Many people go to Cahoots to find unique gifts that aren’t available anywhere else.

7. Cumberland Mountain General Store

Cumberland Mountain General Store
Facebook / Cumberland Mountain General Store

If you stop by the Cumberland Mountain General Store in Clarkrange, you’ll find shelves full of old-time merchandise like quilts, antique furniture and country collectibles. But that’s not all- the store also has jams, jellies and homemade fudge.

Head to the back of the store, and you’ll find the ’50s style diner, where you can enjoy an old-fashioned hamburger with a delicious milkshake.

6. Lynchburg Hardware & General Store

Lynchburg Hardware and General Store
Flickr / Brent Moore

When you finish your tour of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery, head over to the Lynchburg Hardware & General Store. Here you’ll find a wide variety of Jack Daniel’s merchandise. Everything from t-shirts to mugs are available.

You won’t find any Jack Daniel’s items at the distillery, so this place is your best bet. There may also be a small selection of general Lynchburg/Tennessee merchandise too.

5. Hey Rooster General Store

Hey Rooster General Store

Facebook / Hey Rooster General Store

Open everyday except Tuesdays, Hey Rooster General Store in East Nashville sells modern merchandise and classic Southern items. You’ll find a selection of products like candles and tea towels, as well as jewelry and jarred jams.

The outside of the store has an old-time vibe (see that yellow door?) that makes you feel right at home. You can also shop online at this cute Southern gift shop.

4. Shelby Forest General Store

Shelby Forest General Store
Shelby Forest General Store

Out in Millington, you’ll find the Shelby Forest General Store. It’s located next to Meeman-Shelby State Park, which welcomes over 1 million tourists every year.

Every Friday night, the store hosts Steak Night. The social event has bluegrass music, and serves an amazing meal. For less than $15.00, you get a ribeye steak, cole slaw, Texas toast and french fries. Bring the kids too- there’s a chicken strip dinner available for them.

3. The Old Mill General Store

The Old Mill General Store
Facebook / The Old Mill

Located next to The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge is The Old Mill General Store. Get yourself some delicious pancake mix, homemade jam or dip mix.

If you want to take home souvenirs of the time you spent in the Smoky Mountains, the store has those too. The Old Mill is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so you should definitely check this place out.

2. Brook’s Shaw’s Old Country Store

Brooks Shaw's Old General Store
Facebook/ Brooks Shaw’s Old Country Store

Established in 1965, Brook Shaw’s Old Country Store in Jackson has a wide selection of gifts and products, including its own cookbook! You’ll also find scarves, country quilts and old fashioned candy.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, check out the ice cream parlor & fudge shop in the store. It’s been named one of America’s Top 50 Ice Cream Parlors.

1. Mountain Brothers General Store

Mountain Brothers General Store
Facebook / Mountain Brothers General Store

Next time you’re in Sevierville, check out the Mountain Brothers General Store. There’s a section of products for home & garden, tasty fudge and other food items.

The family-friendly shop is a great place to find unique gifts and try delicious Tennessee treats. Stop by during the holiday season for additional seasonal merchandise and foods.

These stores are all so cute and charming. This is what Tennessee living is all about!

How many of these general stores have you stopped and shopped at?

Author: Leena Kollar

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